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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Even More Amazing DOCTOR WHO Concept Art by Matt Savage

Check out Doctor Who concept art by Matthew Savage!

Matt Savage's amazing concept art for the British television show Doctor Who is legendary. He had a DeviantArt page once upon a time, but is very private about his work and removed the images. His stuff is rare and beautiful. Recently some of his work showed up on Reddit and moved io9 to go digging for an amazing collection of concept art. Some of the illustrations I've featured before (here and here), but some I'd never seen before. I love a challenge, so I set out on a quest of my own for some more of his Doctor Who concept art. I found a few pieces that I haven't seen anywhere else, so I wanted to share them.

Matthew Savage is a professional concept\storyboard artist who's worked on blockbuster movies like X-Men: First Class (2011), The Wolfman (2010) and The Dark Knight (2008).

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Unused 'Prometheus' Spacesuit Designs By Matthew Savage

Update: Images removed by request of the artist.

Check out what the Prometheus (2012) space suits almost looked like.

Here's how costume designer Janty Yates described the suit design to Clothes On Film:
"We wanted to go somewhere where it wasn’t traditional spacesuits. Sleek and slimline, to avoid the sort of ‘Michelin Man’ look of the NASA suit

"...It is a prequel, but Nostromo (the spacecraft featured in Alien) was a space tank. It was a functional space tank, and they were functional engineers, so that was a functional space suit. Basically, it was issued with the spacecraft; it was literally intended to be used to maintain space stations and vehicles. But this spaceship for Prometheus was custom-built by Weyland Industries, so the spacesuits were custom-built with it. The idea that we went with was all of your body functions would be integral to the suit."

Some alternate designs were done by concept artist Matthew Savage (Doctor Who, X-Men: First Class) and he shared them on his site. He sent me some high resolution images to share with you.

Check after the jump and click to enlarge.
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Monday, December 10, 2012

X-Men: First Class Interiors and Costumes by Matthew Savage

Update: Images removed at the request of the artist
Check out some newly released concept art for X-Men: First Class (2011) by Matthew Savage. Savage is a professional concept artist, writer and director who has done some great work for Doctor Who and other projects. A few years back, he worked on X-Men: First Class and shared some of his illustrations on his site 

Check out some alternate costumes for Beast, Havok and Mystique and an alternate view of the Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon) submarine with rich wood paneling. Click on the images to enlarge.

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Friday, September 21, 2012

DOCTOR WHO 'Dinosaurs on a Spaceship' Storyboards

I've featured storyboards from Doctor Who before and they have always been excellent. These are no exception.

I'm not sure who the artist is since IMDb didn't list the artist for this season. But Shaun Williams, Rod Knipping, Matthew Savage, Lewis Peake and James Iles have done storyboard work in the past.
The boards are from scenes 7, 8 and 12.

Check them out after the jump and make sure you click to enlarge.

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ride 'The Dark Knight' Batpod Concept Art by Matthew Savage

In The Dark Knight (2008), Batman's Bat-mobile broke apart to reveal a motorcycle known as the Bat Pod. It was designed by Nathan Crowley, who designed the Tumbler for Batman Begins (2005).

One of the artists on the film is Matthew Savage (Doctor Who, X-Men: First Class, Prometheus) and he shared his designs. His work is always meticulous.

The illustrations below give a good look at variations of his machine guns and missile launchers.

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Artist Profile: Matthew Savage

Dalek and designers Edward Thomas and Matthew Savage.
Matthew Savage is a concept artist and director in the film and television industry.

He's worked on many big budget films like X-Men: First Class (2011), Prometheus (2012) and The Wolfman (2010).

His best known work is on the British show Doctor Who where was a design assistant for Series 1 and Series 2 of Doctor Who. He was also an associate designer and assistant art director for Series 1 of Torchwood.

He also directed the award-winning film Reign of Death.

To see more of his work check out my blog here. See more of Matthew Savage's portfolio at

Image from
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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ride TARDIS To Stunning 'Doctor Who' Concept Art

D is for Doctor Who
Image: From "The Girl in the Fireplace."
The revamped Doctor Who series is the best thing to come out of Britain since Monty Python, and one of the artists who gave out a fresh new look was Matt Savage (Batman Begins, X-Men: First Class, The Dark Knight).

Matthew Savage was a design assistant for Series 1 and Series 2 of Doctor Who. He was also an associate designer and assistant art director for Series 1 of Torchwood. Outside of televised Doctor Who, he has contributed designs to Doctor Who DVD Files magazine. -

His artwork is vibrant, stunning and alive. You almost feel like his Cybermen are jumping off the page.

So, hold on. Grab your sonic screwdriver and lets look at some of his best artwork for Doctor Who.

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

See Green With Hensleigh's Lost 'Hulk' Concept Art

Hulk was in development for years before Ang Lee's version, and some concept art for the unproduced film for Jonathan Hensleigh's film are online thanks to concept artist Kerry Gammill (Virus, Species 2, Phantoms)

In April 1997, Joe Johnston was directing with the film's title as The Incredible Hulk. Hensleigh was asked to write the script since he worked with Johnston on Jumanji. In 1997, Johnston dropped out of directing and Hensleigh stepped in for his directing debut. Hensleigh wrote a script featuring Bruce Banner experimenting with gamma-irradiated insect DNA on three convicts before becoming the Hulk. This transforms the convicts into murderous mutant "insect men." Lynn "Red" Williams, a former American Gladiator was cast as one of the three "insect men." He transforms into a combination of human, ant and beetle.
Kerry Gammill describes the art this way.

These designs were for an unproduced movie version of "Hulk" which was cancelled in pre-production a few years before the Ang Lee version went into production with a new script.

Check out more illustrations from Kerry Gammill at
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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Visit 'Star Trek's (2009)' Shipyard And Blog Schedule Change

Just wanted to let my readers know I'm switching from a weekday schedule to a Monday, Wednesday and Friday schedule. I run two blogs and am thinking about adding another one. If I keep the schedule I have now I'd have to start cutting back on the research for the posts. To me, that's the most fun part of the blog. Finding interesting stories and trivia attached to the illustrations.

So, this will be my last Tuesday post for a while. Enjoy John Eaves awesome Riverside starship fleet yard from J.J. Abrams Star Trek (2009).

One of the first assignments I had on my desk was the Riverside fleet yards in the outback of rural Iowa. Based on an old train engine turntable idea came the first layout of what the ship yards could be. And incredibly large construction facility that housed various material and electronic manufacturing facilities that were easily accessed from every dock.  
My friend Mike Hamby works in the US navy sub yards back East and he helped me with a lot of research with those construction yards, and so the Hamby complex was named in his honor shown here in the turntable illustration. Obviously to [sic] grand of an idea the focus funneled down to seeing a single dock scenario for the construction of the new “E” .  
The first couple of passes have the ship somewhat below ground level and for the film the ship was pulled out of the semi subterranian [sic] dock and set elevated off the ground. By doing so the effect would be a much grander view of this massive Starship against an Earth bound setting which really has not been seen before.

 See more of John Eaves portfolio at

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Friday, February 24, 2012

1979 Starlog Shows H.R. Giger's Work and Ridley Scott's Storyboards

Starlog was an awesome magazine and I read it regularly growing up. It's gone now, but thanks to the Internet we can still read articles from a by-gone era.

It has a great set of interviews with director Ridley Scott and artist H.R. Giger on the film.

A concept painting from the original concept artist Ron Cobb of the derelict ship is in it.

There are also a couple of storyboards that Scott did for the film which I hadn't seen before.

You can read the whole article on

See more of the work of Hans Ruedi "H.R." Giger at and my site here.
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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

1970s 'Buck Rogers' Concept Art for the Show That Never Was

Before Glen Larson produced Buck Rogers in the 25th Century in 1979 a very different television show was developed in the 1970s. Far from being the campy comic book style show starring Gil Gerard, it almost had a serious tone in the style of Star Trek. A serious outer-space science fiction adventure based on character-driven stories written by giants of science-fiction.

The late artist Robert McCall was best known for producing space paintings and he was brought in to design the spaceships. He's best known for his space paintings. McCall painted a huge mural for The National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. depicting man's conquest of the Moon covers an entire wall on the Museum's main floor.

"They gave me a call," Bob says, "and asked me to do some designs for the show. I tried to stick pretty much to the original Buck Rogers flavor. I finished the drawings in about two weeks and then sent them off. I didn't hear any word from the coast for quite some time."

None of his designs were ever used for the show when it changed to producer Glen Larsen. All artwork and descriptions are from Starlog, #16 September 1978.

One of McCall's designs for Buck Rogers' own "believer" probe ship, a mid-sized craft capable of visiting other worlds.

One of McCall's depictions of the titanic Constitution, a deep space star ship. In the front of the craft is the main engine area which includes a hyperspace booster: an attachment which swings outward for faster than light travel. In the rear is a hangar deck and launching platform designed for both tiny "freedom fighters" and mid-sized "believer ships." The rear of the craft also contains a high energy weapon capable of neutralizing massive targets such as enemy ships, asteroids and small moons.

Various designs for spaceships originally conceived for Rogers. On the bottom half of the sketch are some unused fighter plans. Above those are several "believer" space probe craft.

Two different views of McCall's proposed "believer" space probe craft. The spaceships were envisioned as being able to leave the mother-ship and journey to alien planets. On the top of each ship is a turret very much like the ones found on standard WW II fighter planes. In this case, the "bubble" contains a fire control center for laser weaponry. Although designed mainly for interplanetary excursions, the ships have a goodly amount of defensive weaponry including laser weapons on each side of the ship's forward nose section. On the belly of the craft is an ascent/descent engine used for landing and taking off from alien terrain.

The tiny ships darting by the mothership are fighter craft: short-range spaceships designed to protect the Constrtutton from hostile forces. Right:

One of Bob McCall's abandoned designs for a medium-sized space probe vehicle. This version boasts laser cannon. 

Various designs for spaceships originally conceived for Rogers. On the bottom half of the sketch are some unused fighter plans. Above those are several "believer" space probe craft.

Another version of McCall s powerful mothership, the Constitution In this design, the rear of the craft is a docking area for the "believer" space probes only. The fighter planes land and take-off from a runway on top.

You can find out more about artist Robert McCall at

What do you think of the lost Buck Rogers concept art? Would it have made a better show?
Via space1970
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Monday, February 20, 2012

Patrick Tatopoulos Lost 'Super Mario Bros (1983)' Concept Art Has Bite

A while back I posted a search for concept drawings from Patrick Tatopoulos (Underworld, Stargate, Face-Off) for the film Super Mario Bros (1983). Turns out I had some all along! I was going through photos on my hard drive and found this awesome one featuring King Koopa's de-evolution into a dinosaur at the end of the film.

There's a great article of Rob Burman, the man behind the production of the Koopa Creature, at that details how much work went into designing and building the creature for this sequence.

It could be fan art, but it matches his style perfectly. Plus, its signed and dated by Tatopoulos himself.

What do you think of his work on the film? If you saw the film, what did you think of it?
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Friday, February 17, 2012

'The Dark Knight Rises' Is A 'War Film' Says Concept Artist

Recently, there was an interview with concept artist Tully Summers where he described the Christopher Nolan film The Dark Knight Rises as a "war zone."

The French site CineWebRadio has a fascinating interview with concept artist Tully Summers (Men in Black 3, Thor, Avatar, Green Lantern) where he talks about many things, but gives a few nods to the upcoming Batman sequel.
You work mainly on the science fiction, fantastic, or fantasy film. But this year you work on The Dark Knight Rises. How does this change to work on the next Batman (with a realistic style) than your previous films?
The difference for me was Christopher Nolan’s visual style. One of the things that makes his Batman movies so compelling is their tone of plausibility. He will often prefer a raw, grittier design over one that is very sleek and product design pretty. It’s sort of a practical military aesthetic. This stuff is made to work, not impress shoppers. The Dark Knight Rises is a war film. 
He also talks about the criticism of the costumes from the set pictures.
 Films like Batman are meticulously planned. Every shot is storyboarded, framed, lighted and choreographed to camera. Any photos taken that are not from the intended camera are out of context. In a sense it’s like judging Sesame Street or the Muppets from a set photo: “That’s ridiculous! There’s a whole guy hanging out that character!” Christopher Nolan is a consummate filmmaker. Consider his body of work and his first 2 Batman movies. I don’t think fans will be disappointed.

I remember Gary Oldman said the concept art for Catwoman is amazing, so I can't wait for it to be released.

Read the rest of the interview here here. See more of Tully Summers protfolio at and

What do you think? Will The Dark Knight Rises be a 'war film?"
Via Comic Book Movie
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Monday, February 13, 2012

Artists of 'Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace' 3D

With the re-release of Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace in 3-D I thought I'd highlight some of the many talented artists involved in the production.

As always, there are a ton of people working on these films, but I can only list the ones on IMDb. I've also moved some names from other sections for clarity and I lumped everyone together regardless of official title.

Production Design by Gavin Bocquet

Design Director
Doug Chiang (as Doug Chang)

Concept Artists
Kun Chang
Neil D'Monte
Tony Wright
Marc Gabbana
Kurt Kaufman
Iain McCaig
Ed Natividad
Jay Shuster
Terryl Whitlach
Brice Cox Jr.
Warren Fu
Jules Mann
Noel Rubin

Storyboard Artists
Benton Jew
Peter Chan
Paul Topolos
Brice Cox Jr.
Warren Fu
Noel Rubin

I know there are more than these. If you know anyone I'm missing just let me know in the comments.
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Friday, February 10, 2012

Want to Known Everything Boba Fett's Armor Does?

McQuarrie did a ton of great concept art for Star Wars, but it was actually former storyboard artist Joe Johnston that is credited with designing Boba Fett.

Joe Johnston is a director now (The Rocketeer, Jurassic Park III, Jumanji, and Captain America: The First Avenger), but he used to be an accomplished storyboard artist. When he was planning on quitting LucasFilm Ltd. Lucas asked him to work on the designs for the bounty hunter using McQuarrie's rejected Darth Vader designs.
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Friday, February 3, 2012

Relive the Horror In Ryan Church's War of the Worlds (2005) Concept Art

The 2005 Steven Spielberg remake of the classic War Of The Worlds was impressive, but the man tasked with designing the classic alien tripods was Ryan Church.

He posted some sample concept art on his website and I'm sharing a few of my favorites.

Check out the whole portfolio and many other great illustrations at

Copyright 2005 Paramount Pictures.  All Rights Reserved.
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Thursday, February 2, 2012

See What 'Cloverfield' Monster Could Have Looked Like

The film Cloverfield (2009) by J.J. Abrams is one of the most unique monster movies ever made. Even after watching the film I didn't get a good look at the creature, but thanks to the Internet, we get a peek at how concept artist Neville Page (Avatar, Watchmen, Star Trek) designed the creature nicknamed "Clover". Read on to see some of the weird, wild designs and one of the many animals that inspired the designs.

Official Synopsis:
Five young New Yorkers throw their friend a going-away party the night that a monster the size of a skyscraper descends upon the city. Told from the point of view of their video camera, the film is a document of their attempt to survive the most surreal, horrifying event of their lives.
Page said this about the illustrations below in his online portfolio:
What a treat to have worked on this. The only downside was how little time I had available to work on it. Part of the joy in doing this kind of work is the development and exploration. However, there was little time to do any finished sketches and no time for traditional rendering. I saw more finished artwork on the internet done by fans of the film. Oh well, it is a luxury sometimes to have that time while on a production. All that being said, scroll down to see some of the images used to develop the project. 

"The very first sketch while sitting with [Director] JJ [Abrams] and Burkey [Producer Bryan Burk] at a coffee shop. Clearly a joke."  - Page

"Some of the quicky thumbnails to see what might work in silhouette." - Page

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

'John Carter' Concept Art Keeps Getting Better And Better

The film John Carter (formerly "of Mars") has been sparse and sightly unimpressive. That's changed yesterday. It's Art Mag has a huge series of exclusive concept art for the film John Carter (2012) by Ryan Church, Michael Kutsche, David Krentz, and Mayes C. Rubeo. We get massive ships, bizarre creatures and sprawling interiors.

(UPDATE: I notice a lot of sites are copying the artist names from the original post including typos. Note the correct spelling of the artist names.)

Official Synopsis:

From Academy Award-winning filmmaker Andrew Stanton (Finding Nemo, WALL-E), JOHN CARTER OF MARS brings this captivating hero to the big screen in a stunning adventure epic set on the wounded planet of Mars, a world inhabited by warrior tribes and exotic desert beings. Based on the first of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ 'Barsoom Series,' the film chronicles the journey of Civil-War veteran John Carter (Taylor Kitch), who finds himself battling a new and mysterious war amidst a host of strange Martian inhabitants, including Tars Tarkas (Willem Dafoe) and Dejah Thoris (Lynn Collins).
As tempted as I was to just grab everything, they deserve the link-back. So, I'm just posting my favorites.

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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

See Super-Sexy Bat-Girl Costume That Was Never in 'Batman and Robin'

The Bat-Girl costume in Batman and Robin was pretty lame. Clunky and chunky, but had a certain charm. If they'd gone with Miles Teves' designs it could have rivaled Catwoman from Batman Returns. Teves has an amazing set of credits having worked on Indiana Jones 4, Iron Man, Men in Black and many more.

The guy is pretty out-spoken, so I'll just leave him to describe his illustrations using quotes from his website.

This is a glossy rendering that owes a debt to early good-girl illustrators like [Alberto] Varga.

I knew as I drew this that it could never work on Alicia Silverstone. Though she was sweet and adorable, she was also not 9 feet tall, and had rather more realistic proportions.

Bob Ringwood, the costume designer, always asked me to draw my figures to be about 9 heads tall like they do in the fashion world. He didn't seem to mind that what would work as a concept on someone with those impossible proportions, would not work on a [person]with real-world human measurements. However, it did make for more heroic and 'sexy' drawings that could sell a design to a fussy director or nervous studio head.

I regret that my idea of the cut-out Bat symbol window on the chest, showing a little skin and cleavage, didn't survive into the final suit. I thought it was kind of clever, and added just the right amount of wholesome flirtiness to the character.

I called this one 'BatGirl-Rear End' as a spoof on the absurdly overrated 'Batman: Dead End' short that made such a stink on the Internet a few years ago. Though it was drawn in 1996. This one always stops people when they are thumbing through my portfolio. Nothing like a tight girl's rear end in glossy black PVC to stop a viewer cold. Even if she is 9 feet tall. 

An alternate Batgirl design that is truer to what made it to the screen.

This is a strange blue version I was asked to do. I think they used this as the final design, only fortunately they made it black.

I had nothing to do with the suits that had the chrome additions to them. That was pure queerness incarnate.

Here's what the final costume looked like.

You gotta see his designs for other characters in Batman and Robin including a spiky version of the Uma Thurman's Poison Ivy costumes at his site

What do you think? Should they have added some Bat-Girl sexiness to the film? 
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Friday, January 27, 2012

One More Fake Rejected Godzilla Concept Art Image?

Is this Godzilla concept art rejected by the studio Legendary Pictures?

According to Comic Book Movie which broke the image.
Like I said these were posted almost a year ago in the magazine, but outside of a few Godzilla fan communities this didn't seem to get picked up by most sites. I think it is certainly worth a peek. As you can see the first version is much more like the original design of Godzilla, while the other one has more of a T-Rex like look to it. It Reminds me of the Roland Emmerich version.

Everyone says G-Fan Magazine swears to it's authenticity, but I haven't read the article myself. Several say it's the "latest issue", which would be the fall 2011 issue (#97). But, it doesn't have any article titles even close to this. Unless its the article "King Kong vs. Frankenstein Part 2".

Comic Book Movie says it's in the February issue and the magazine is published quarterly. So, I'm assuming that's issue #94 in the article called "Godzilla still in Legendary limbo?"
What I find most interesting is the font is pretty generic and doesn't look like magazine font at all. In fact, at least one copy of the image is in landscape while the others are portrait. Smells like MS Paint to me.

Just like all the others, it may be fan art. Still cool. I like the different sized spines he has.

No word on the artist(s). You can read more about Legendary Pictures at

Via Shock Till You Drop
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